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Friday, June 11, 2010

The sorority just sent an email, and gold heels are necessary for next years rush! While I've never particularly liked gold jewelry or shoes, this beautiful picture from This is Glamorous has me singing a different tune. The gorgeous peep toes displaying my favorite cherry red pedicure under big sassy bows makes for the cutest shoe-wedding photo of all time. I also love the high fashion shoe juxtaposed with the hard wood floor. I am definitely drawn to weddings that are a little bit rustic/a little bit country, even if these shoes are not. Seeing a bride in Wellington boots or Cowgirls always makes me smile.

Love these snapshots of a rustic wedding. There are so many beautiful wedding shots I recently saw a beautiful blog post about an engagement shoot based on the movie Up. I loved the editorial so much I'm having an Up movie night with my boyfriend and completely vegging out tomorrow with sushi and chocolate after work. Can't wait!

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