Don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can ever go wrong"- Ella Fitzgerald

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I think I am the last person involved in the design world to discover Design Sponge. I finally clicked my way to it and was glued to the page for 45 minutes reading an entire backlog of entries. I love these adorable picnic shots, which I saw right before I was about to head out on a picnic myself. To celebrate the longest day of the year, the summer solstice, my boyfriend and I set out to picnic around 7:30 P.M for a sunset dinner in Waveny park. I took pictures of dinner because I just didn't think I could be so in love with a sandwich.

1. Multigrain Raisin Bread from Le Pain Quotidien
2. Fresh Basil Pesto, Mozarrella and Tomatoes from the New Canaan farmers market
3. Grilled with olive oil spray, salt and pepper on panini press
So So So good! It was so nice to sit outside on a blanket, eat fresh sandwiches and fruit salad and watch the sun go down and the fireflies come out. Although my photography skills and styling aren't anywhere close to the one's featured on Design Sponge , I think I still did okay! Looking forward many more meals outside this summer under the early evening sky...

** UPDATE** While I was writing this post, I checked Design Sponge again and look what I saw... an under 100$ Picnic Roundup. Such adorable, delicious picks. Now I have a wishlist!! ( The lemonade canister and red striped straws would also be perfect for a summer party, they scream backyard BBQ to me, so precious!)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This month's Lonny magazine is over 230 pages (are virtual pages still pages?) of eclectic and decadent interiors. While not all of their choices are exactly my taste, I like that Lonny appeals to multiple design sensibilities. It did feature two articles that I absolutely loved and this month's "We Went Mad For..." is so fun! Tori Mellott was one of my favorite Domino contributors, her,Ellie and Michelle's choices are girly, glamorous and fun.

My Favorites:
1. Michelle's Pink & White umbrella photo
2. Ellie's Anthropologie chair
3. Torrie's pink quartz book ends
4. Torrie's raspberry pillow from Calypso home
Editorial assistant Ellie Somerville's NYC apartment is both whimsical and elegant. I'm so happy that Lonny featured a young working girl, not an established celebrity or business person with more resources (even though Ellie does work at one of the pinnacles of design expertise). In a year I will be living in an apartment (after my year long stint in the Delta Gamma house) and then not so far off is the after college/graduate school years when I will really have a place of my own. Ellie's apartment has so many elements that I could see myself including my future home. Even though I won't have the entire Lonny team to inspire, create and style my space there is plenty of inspiration and pieces that I could incorporate.

My Favorites:
1. The dramatic Ikea pendant light (89$ !!!)
2. Yellow Parsons Desk
3. Glamorous and crisp white William Sonoma Home linens
4. Navy and white Kalah fabric
5. Damn Good Sweets coffee table book, Yum!
The other feature I was so excited to see was Kate Spade creative director, Deborah Lloyd's lake home. This shoot was styled to perfection. While the decor I thought was pretty simple, the beauty was in the details. I appreciate the contrast of the simple walls and furniture with more colorful home accents and accessories, the bright and feminine style synonmous with the paper brand's aesthetic that I love so much.

My Favorite Things:
1. Beautiful pieces from the Kate Spade line dangling from the clothes line in color order
2. The shabby chic painted mirror above Lloyd's bedroom dresser
3. The pink bath mat and styled shelving
4. Purple pillows covered in an old Kate Spade fabric
5. The purple and white blocked curtains with ribbon ties
6. Red and pink blooms all over
So happy with this issue. I'm so appreciative of the creative genius and ingenuity of this online publication. Being able to directly click to an item you love is a great perk. I think it is so interesting how the world of media is changing. While I don't find myself losing any appreciation for the feeling of flipping a glossy magazine's pages through my fingers, I am so happy that I can enjoy Lonny's gorgeous through my computer screen and explore the new advantages of internet publications.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I made these delicious fro-yo raspberry nectarine parfaits for desert last night. HIGHLY recommended.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

{ The Fredricksons }
Up is absolutely the sweetest little movie of all time. I laughed like a little kid and cried like a grown up in love. I also have a not so secret love of balloon.s It was so nice to spend a night curled up on the couch eating take out in sweatpants. The Up movie night was inspired by this lovely and whimsical engagement photo shoot. The couples favorite movie was Up and they used Carl and Ellie's beautiful (albeit animated) love story for inspiration (featured on I couldn't be more enamored with Carl and Ellie, and with Lynette and James' engagement shoot.
I love these!! I'm sure a couple this creative share something very special. And I love this Ellie style collage I found on Polyvore. The sweet country floral looks great with the more upscale accessories.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The sorority just sent an email, and gold heels are necessary for next years rush! While I've never particularly liked gold jewelry or shoes, this beautiful picture from This is Glamorous has me singing a different tune. The gorgeous peep toes displaying my favorite cherry red pedicure under big sassy bows makes for the cutest shoe-wedding photo of all time. I also love the high fashion shoe juxtaposed with the hard wood floor. I am definitely drawn to weddings that are a little bit rustic/a little bit country, even if these shoes are not. Seeing a bride in Wellington boots or Cowgirls always makes me smile.

Love these snapshots of a rustic wedding. There are so many beautiful wedding shots I recently saw a beautiful blog post about an engagement shoot based on the movie Up. I loved the editorial so much I'm having an Up movie night with my boyfriend and completely vegging out tomorrow with sushi and chocolate after work. Can't wait!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Searching for a dress for a big 4th of July party coming up. These two dresses are in my dreams adorable. I wish! Although, I would love to wear something red. It's one of my favorite colors and easy to get away with on the 4th...

{ Rebecca Taylor}

{Alice and Olivia}

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I haven't been blogging at all lately! I think because in addition to being exhausted after work, I feel a lot of pressure to get outside and exercise. By the time i'm done running/spinning/ elliptical-ing I'm so burnt out I just want to do nothing, I have 0 creative energy in me. I really don't know if I can continue like this all summer. I wan't to think and create and do things that I love, and lifeguarding is a long day in the sun just sitting. As much as I can't really complain because I'm happy to be employed and relatively well paid this summer, it really isn't satisfying any desire within me. I miss doing something that stimulates me.
So, even if I don't find something else to do for work (which will be fine and at least i'll end the summer with a nice tan), I've decided that I really want to try and create some of my own art work. I don't necessarily have any artistic talent, but I've been always been able to start a project and see it through to something I'm happy with. I'm not hoping for a masterpiece or anything, just something I can call my own and throw up in dorm room next year. My inspiration started with these inspiration collages by textile designer Lulu Dekwiatkowski.

I think Lulu's style could be imitated easily using black and white images and color pieces from magazines and wall paper samples. It would be interesting to make it really reflect me, I feel her images are very personal yet vibrant, happy and multidimensional. ( I didn't notice the naked ladies in picture #2 until a few days ago!)
I found these image's on the blog Elements of Style. The author, Erin, mentioned a piece of art she did herself that I adore. It's sort of like an abstract landscape, and I love the slight ombre effect. She obviously has a LOT of talent, and the fact that she can look at her own piece every day and be proud of it is inspiring. I certainly don't have talent like that but I think I could create something that I love. I want to do a more personal piece of casual art like one of Lulu's collages, and then also do something with paint something like Erin's. Because I lack the talent necessary for such detail, my work would probably have to have more of a blended look. My goal is to achieve that ombre effect with my favorite colors, as if i'm creating a specific piece of art for my room that matches it perfectly. Art is so expensive and personal, I'm excited to see what I can do with little $ and little talent to reflect my personal aesthetic and match the room in which I wan't to put the art. I'm sure there will be a lot of trial and error in this process.

{ this is Erin's artwork in her Boston, MA home)
While I've been ruminating on these images and searching for a creative outlet for a while, the Kelly Wearstler article in the June issue of InStyle really sparked my internal drive. I don't love EVERYthing Kelly does, but I think she is a color genius. This is one of the best articles I have read (I wish it wasn't so short!) in a long time. I think the color combinations are inspired and fresh, I especially love the blue, steel and yellow. But the icing on the cake was the Lana Gomez painting in Wearstler's office. I LOVE it. If I could buy any piece of art in the world this would be it (at this point in my life at least...) The colors, the depth, the creativity (it looks like a city scape to me) are right up my alley. What can I say, I'm a pink girl at heart.

{ this pic is from artist Lana Gomez's website, but is a screen shot of the InStyle article, love love!}

So as it comes along, I will post. I'm going to create a little inspiration board of colors before I start, right now I'm thinking of reds/pinks/oranges/purples of a sunset. ( Is it acceptable to use a Vix swimsuit as an inspiration springboard?)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I absolutely adore Emerson Made. Emerson and her husband Ryan are so adorable, should be J.Crew models, but are better than J.Crew models because they are real people running their own business and living on gorgeous, eco-friendly farm. Emerson's photos are so cute, and her pieces are stunning. These are my three favorites....

I REALLY want this necklace, a perfect gift for my August birthday maybe??! I'm off to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather that's permeating Connecticuit right now, it makes missing memorial day weekend in RI not so bad!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Hot like Mexico, Rejoice."- Gaga

this dress....

on this back patio....

serving this drink....

Summer work hasn't started for me yet,so I've been enjoying long lazy days on my own schedule. My bed sits right against a huge bay window, so I almost feel like I'm enjoying the outdoors from the comfort of my own white bed. I've been on a television watching marathon, in a duvet burrito nursing my hazlenut coffee all morning. I finished up 24 (the official end) last night with my boyfriend, and today I capped off Gossip Girl. All I could think about was how I wanted to throw all of my gorgeous designer clothes into a suitcase and jet off to Paris with my best friend (fantasy, fantasy). Although, I'm kind of sick of watching Blair and Chuck almost get there, and then have it f*cked up again. I don't know how many more times I can watch that happen. I just want them to be happy!
Since I slept nice and late this morning and didn't have a coffee till 11, I had breakfast for lunch. (once again, in the comfort of my own bed, but I did at least put on jeans and make the bed. I just sat on TOP of the duvet this time) I had quaker instant oats with 2%, Siggis's vanilla icelandic yogurt, raspberries and almond slivers all mixed into one breakfast mess. honestly SO DELICIOUS. And strangely attractive looking, I will definitely post a picture as these yogurt/oatmeal/ fruit & nut concoctions are pretty regular for me. It made me very happy!
Kind of like this picture, but swap the ice cream for creamy (and for a breakfast food, just as good! ) icelandic yogurt. Raspberries have been on sale at the brand new absolutely stunning food mecca that is the new Whole Foods by my house. It has 3 huge salad bars, an espresso bar, a plethora of gourmet prepared foods, and a gelato station. It is absolute heaven.

Thank god it cooled down after a scorching 90 degrees yesterday, I'm off to hit the running trails in Waveny park for some exercise before I see SATC II with my girls tonight! The NY Times didn't give it the best review, but I'm sure it will be visually stunning and I think everything Sex and The City is great so I'm sure I'll love this movie too (even though I'm sure it cannot top the first, which I consider cinematic perfection)

P.S. I absolutely love Rubie Green's advertisements. I think the styling, the models and the products are gorgeous. I can never resist dragging her pictures to my desk top. In fact I aspire to BE the girl in the comforter above, at least in the early morning hours... How cute is this fall ad?!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

AMAZING. I honestly don't think she could have looked any better for a summer premiere. Stunning! In preparation for the movie coming out, I've been stalking all the SATC features on the web and in every magazine. I can't get enough. Then I saw this picture of Carrie.....

So gorgeous! I think the fashion in the Paris episodes is some of the best of the series. Season 6 of SATC makes me want to do study abroad in Paris. Too many options! Anyways, Carrie's rainy day chic is so glamorous. Black rain gear, bright red umbrella and super sleek hair even in the downpour. Since it rains WAY too much in Madison, I need to find a look that will allow me to feel put together and polished. Carrie's classic look is the perfect one to emulate. "Carrie Bradshaw Goes To College"...... Hah! While I edited Carrie's style down to a way more comfortable and practical look than she would probably ever consider, I added some sparkles, deliberate logos, and a classic black trench to retain some of Carrie's panache. 50 % Me, 50% Carrie.

Ok this looks nothing like Carrie's outfit, but whatever. I like it! I can still use her as inspiration to look sleek in the rain, and to go to Paris. Love this picture of the girls, can't wait to see the gorgeous outfits and jaw dropping scenery in the movie this week! (p.s. fingers crossed for the return of Aidan!)