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Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm having summer lust when I look at this picture. I used to ride my bike every day over the summer in Rhode Island, but have since given it up in favor of walking. I'm changing my tune. Biking is better for the environment and better for me. While I can't see myself zipping to class one of these (I need to walk slowly with a latte in hand to psych myself up for the day, and I feel like trekking around campus gives me a healthy dose of exercise) plenty of other people in Madison do. In fact, according to SELF magazine, Madison, WI is the number one city where people bike to work! For some reason, this makes me so proud to live here. I feel like people in Madison are really passionate about being healthy and environmentally friendly, and it's infectious. Campus is alive today. There is honestly nothing I want more than to take my bike up to the Madison farmers market and pick up a 5 $ bouquet for my basket. (This is purely fantasy, I don't actually have a bike here, but at home!
This weekend, the boy is coming to town for my sorority's formal. I am hoping and praying that it stays nice and sunny out, because I wan't to rent bikes and venture out to picnic point. Exploring Madison by bike feels so romantic. And, I want to go to the farmers market! I'm going to try and post pictures because the Madison farmer's market on the capitol is really a sight to see.

Happy Earth Day!
( photo credit: this is glamorous)

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