Don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can ever go wrong"- Ella Fitzgerald

Monday, April 26, 2010

The sun is out today in Madison! That was not the case this weekend, unfortunately, but the rain didn't stop the boy (who i'll refer to as M) and I from getting outside. Friday, we walked the 1.4 miles to trader joes. Because we were walking, I couldn't go too crazy with my purchases. I LOVE grocery shopping and finding new things, I got frozen mini croissants, new strawberry and yogurt chip cereal that I am very excited about and a huge bottle of sparkling raspberry lemonade that M had to carry home, in an eco friendly trader joes bag of course!
( I'll have my favorite cappuccino-croissant- berries combo here please!)
We had planned on going to a later dinner on capitol square, but the restaurant we wanted to go to (which also has a pretty lively bar scene) was a 45 minute wait for dinner. Since it was 9:00 we decided to head back down state street and go to Tutto's which has delicious italian food in the worlds biggest portions. ALWAYS when I'm with M my healthy eating and exercise goes down the tubes. It's hard to manage my eating when I'm with him because when we go out I just want to order whatever looks best to me on the menu at that moment... not what's best for my waist line. And I'm lucky that he makes me feel good at any size :) .
BUT.. back on track this week hopefully. I've definitely slipped from when I was working out everyday a month ago. I need to get back where working out is a normal part of my daily routine. I plan on running EVERY day this week (and hopefully getting some core work in which is desperately needed), even though I have a crazy amount of studying and work to do outside of class hours. Also, I have a delicious new healthy breakfast routine instead of my usual fiber 1 bar, oatmeal- greek yogurt parfaits. I make quaker oats with skim and then create a parfait with plain 0% fage yogurt, honey, and strawberries or dried cranberries. SO happy at 8:50 am lecture.
Saturday morning was spent at my favorite event- the Madison farmers market! I took some blackberry pics of the capitol (which looked beautiful even in the clouds) and a picture of the beautiful tulips that M bought me. Fresh flowers are probably my favorite thing, and make even the most unenlightened spaces so much happier and beautiful. I'll probably cut them down today or tomorrow to fit into the little silver cup on my desk and cheer me up through my studying. We also came home with a cherry turnover, two almond scones, and the hot spicy cheese bread, which is basically a cheese brioche,(; so delicious!
Saturday night brought formal and then brunch on Sunday before M headed back to school to take his finals this week. ( p.s. Good Luck :D ). Banana buttermilk pancakes and big hugs good bye... but 3 weeks till back home for good!


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