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Friday, May 7, 2010

{ All photos by Dawn Fincane}
Cranberry bliss bars. Buffalo chicken and blue cheese pizza. Raspberry lemon buttermilk scones. Sweet potato quesadillas with fig reduction and spicy corn relish. Levain bakery chocolate chip cookies..... heaven. I've been following Dawn Fincane on her blog Vanilla Sugar for over a year and every one of her creations look delicious and is photographed beautifully. I always drag her recipes and photos to my desk top to remind me just how badly I wanted to make them. I knew Vanilla Sugar would be the best place to look for inspiration for Sunday night's dinner. I quickly realized that buying all of the necessary ingredients like almond extract and more baking soda isn't practical when I am in the midst of packing up my apartment. BUT, I now have a summer to do list. I plan on making all five recipes above. My own little Julie & Julia project, so to speak. While I don't think this plan will be good for my bikini diet, I'm actually pretty sure it won't be, I'm looking forward to creating these treats from scratch and gaining some sense of accomplishment in the kitchen. And I'm sure girlfriends, family, and boyfriend will enjoy it too!
The plan for Sunday night is a chilled summer pasta salad with cherry tomatoes, green and red peppers, mozzarella and grilled chicken. Trader joe's ciabatta rolls that you bake yourself and whatever fruity desert looks good at Saturday's farmers market... my last one of the year! Hopefully dinner in a boxed up apartment will be still be charming and feel like a special occasion. I'm sure that with the end of my chemistry final and the company of my school girlfriends it will be a lovely night no matter what.

check out Dawn's recipes and photography at Vanilla Sugar !

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  1. wow, thank you so very much. what a sweetheart you are <3
    have you made any yet? i know you said you are on the bikini diet. most of the stuff i make i give away or i'd weigh a lot.