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Sunday, May 2, 2010

{roof top shot by sarah gaertner}
What a crazy weekend in Madison! Even though I have so much to do this week ( 3 finals... before finals week?) I didn't let that stop me from celebrating one of Madison's greatest springtime traditions: the Mifflin street block party. Affectionately referred to as sheerly "Mifflin" , it's probably the most anticipated morning of the year. In fact, one of my friend's facebook statuses proclaimed " It's just like Christmas!" , a statement that illustrates the students of Madison's general opinion about this first Saturday in May. Sunshine, 75 degrees and an air of excitement made this the perfect morning to get out of bed at 8 am and start drinking. Hah! But seriously. That's just what happens on Mifflin. Partying aside, it was just such an experience. So many people (close to 20,000) in ridiculous outfits lined the streets wandering from house party to house party and listening to the live music. Honestly the best people watching you could ever imagine. Even though I was ready for a nap by 1:30 the spirit of the day was so exciting and made me so happy to go to school here. The enthusiasm and love for traditions (even if that tradition is just to get up early and drink is infectious and makes me realize how lucky I am to be at UW a little more every day.
With the semester winding down, and the temperatures coming up, it's kind of bittersweet. While I'm so excited to go home and be with my family and friends, I'm finally feeling Madison really click for me. I really love some of the people I've met here, it's a place with a lot of one- of- a- kinds. And the campus which felt grey and isolating during the long winter stretch, has recreated itself in lush greens and spring pastels. The lake is back to its normal non-frozen state and is pretty as a post card. The trees lining State Street have bloomed, combined with the night time lights and glow from the capitol an air of romance has settled over downtown. Lately when I walk around campus I almost always find myself in awe of a beautiful spot I haven't yet noticed. I won't deny that I'm counting down the days till I'm headed home (12!), but I realize now I'm leaving a great place. Good thing I'll be back I guess!
I snapped these pictures on my blackerry when leaving a friend's dance recital at the union around twilight. The building is classic college, stone covered in ivy, and the light radiating from the inside is warm and inviting. The view from the terrace out to the lake is so picturesque and lovely. Such a great place that exists at the heart of the university.

Hopefully I can get through this week and enjoy this place a little more before I leave!
- k.a

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