Don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can ever go wrong"- Ella Fitzgerald

Friday, May 7, 2010

This Andy Warhol Chanel print is AMAZING. Of all of my spaces I will be doing in the few months
( majorly tweaking home bedroom and bathroom, then decorating my new Madison room inside the Delta Gamma house- it's a single!) I can see this print finding a home in every one. I love reds, especially reddish pinks. I usually say my favorite color is the color of raspberries. In fact, I'm toying with painting my bathroom Benjamin Moore's Crushed Berries. Unusual, I know, but it's the color of my cousins room and I fall in love with it every time I step inside. I also love the poster's ombre effect, it's size and the glamour that a Chanel bottle brings to a room, regardless if it is on paper or not. I wan't to frame it in a gilt frame and look at it, sleep under it, take pictures with it etc... My room in the DG house is currently blue, but they are repainting this summer so who knows what color it will be. I think that a well edited and neatly framed (not just taped haphazardly to the wall) selection of 2-3 complimentary posters could really add to the room and make it feel more like me. I am super excited to be living there with 40+ (!) of my friends, but am happy I will have my own space. A little room with not a lot of light will be a decorative challenge, especially on a small budget because who knows what will be permanent. I could only be in that room for one semester. I also need to find something interesting to be at the head of the bed, standard wood dormitory style beds don't have very exciting headboards and I think make that area the focal point of a bed room gives a room a more personal note. I will definitely take before pictures and be working on an inspiration board for it.
In terms of my room at home, I am gravitating towards a cooler and more neutral look. While at first I was completely drawn to the first bedroom below (a stunningly neutral wall, white bedding, and colorful accents), Alaina at Live Creating Yourself 's serene and classic bedroom in her new Chicago apartment changed my mind. I have a beautiful wrought iron bed, but I've always wanted an upholstered head board instead. Because I don't think this is realistic, I need to work with what I have. I think a grey wall will be a good back drop for my dramatic bed.

{ My first bed room inspiration/ lust, followed by some grey bed rooms I like just as much}

Yeah, so I can't really get over my love for a neutral printed wall paper. I will be talking to mom about incorporating something hopefully at least on one wall. Although I love Osborne and Little's Asuka, I think I like the prints in the last two photographs above even better. Those styles should blend really well with other solid walls and be beautiful behind the head of the bed. I will be keeping my lovely white bed linens but switching the curtains, dust ruffle and accent euro shams. They are sort of a red ikat right now, but I am going to shift my accent color to raspberry, ala potential color of my ensuite bathroom ala Rubie Green's East village pattern in dark pink. I think one of these pillows on my neutrally upholstered chaise and repainting the desk chair from red to raspberry pink will be nice shots of color. I also want to incorporate Rubie's Patsy print in grey onto my bed either as a boudoir pillow or euro shams. Lighter curtains and a new rug (which are unbelievably expensive and hard to find!) will complete my makeover, along with a slightly different furniture arrangement.

{see how cute the grey and pink rubie prints go on this neutral chaise- perfection!}
Whew! I totally have my work cut out of me, but I am so excited. I will definitely be doing before and after pictures so I can keep track of all my changes. I'm sure it will be a long project but a perfect one for this summer. Oh!, this all started with the poster. I have to find a place for the poster. Bathroom perhaps? I'll keep you posted.
Okay, just spent way too much time on this, Chemistry exam is on Sunday. Lying in my duvet writing this post has been far more inviting than braving the chilly Midwest rain to trek to the library. Will also be taking a trip to the farmers market to get some stuff for the dinner I am having on Sunday night with a few girlfriends before we go our separate ways for the summer. Still working on an easy but summery menu....


  1. Can't wait to see the progress! (BTW, I'm a delta gamma, too!)

  2. Seeing my room was the inspiration for your bedroom makeover just made my day! Thank you! And best of luck! I think wrought iron against a grey wall would be stunning.


  3. Alaina! your bed room is beautiful and had to be included. I just dragged your adorable picture of your teacup dresser vignette on to my desk top....

    stop being so inspiring I think my room is going to turn into a homage to yours!

  4. also I can see that you love that glass target lamp, I think its the same one in your bedroom/ dressing room.
    It's been in my dorm room all year, I think it's my best target purchase ever!